About Us

In The Beginning

Dr. Clow grew up right here in Brevard County and has been serving our community since 1984. He has never strayed from his chosen career course, or his goal of helping as many people as possible reach their optimum health potential through holistic care. While attending Rockledge High School, he suffered a shoulder injury and received painful medical treatment with no beneficial effect. He also, since early childhood, suffered from debilitating chronic migraines that prevented him from living an active young life. While researching other forms of health care for his Career English project, he stumbled upon chiropractic care. He found chiropractic’s physiological belief very appealing. He enrolled into Chiropractic College before ever receiving a chiropractic treatment. Dr. Clow utilizes not only chiropractic adjustment in his office but provides a complete spectrum of natural healthcare: individualized supplements, massage therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises. This allows Dr. Clow and his staff to focus on the needs of each individual seeking their care.

The Evolution of Our Functional Health Practice

After 30 years of providing chiropractic services to our community with some of the most advanced technologies and techniques, it became evident to Dr. Clow that our community, and the world, was only getting sicker. This was due to not only the physical stressors that we are already successfully treating but also because of the ever-increasing neurological and chemical stressors in our environment. It became Dr. Clow’s mission after watching the stressors rob our community and our families of their health (and sometimes even their lives) that something had to be done. At this stage of his career, most doctors would retire (or even downsize), but Dr. Clow embarked on the mission to neutralize the stressors and restore health energy back into our patients, family, and community.