How many times have you heard people talk about how tired they were? Probably too many times to count. One of today’s most under-diagnosed conditions is fatigue, and one of the reasons why is probably because fatigue can’t be diagnosed by blood work alone. Most primary care physicians won’t take that extra step when a patient is simply complaining of being tired. Here at Clow Comprehensive Health Solutions, we do go that extra mile. Our goal is ALWAYS finding the root cause and not stopping at a single symptom.

What Are Symptoms Of Fatigue?

Many believe that fatigue is simply being tired. That’s a large part of it, but further symptoms such as sleep complications, hot flashes, mood swings, and many times weight gain are all pointing toward fatigue as the culprit.

These symptoms are most usually diagnosed as stress or age symptoms, when in fact they are actually related to fatigue. The adrenal gland is responsible for balancing over 50 different hormones in our body. Wow! That’s a lot. So it’s no secret that when the adrenals aren’t functioning properly they become the source of imbalances in the hormones, causing not only fatigue but all kinds of health complications. One of the ways we pinpoint these complications and dysfunction in the adrenal glands is through diagnostic testing. These comprehensive tests allow us to determine adrenal disorders and patterns of adrenal distress. These are very important since a lot of them may be environmental stressors which can be improved, eliminated and prevented.

Bottom line. WE CAN HELP! Our team simply needs to take everything into consideration, in other words, let’s get all of the pieces of the puzzle in place and see what’s going on!