Detoxification Therapy

Detoxification is exactly what it says. It’s the process by which we identify and remove toxins from the body. Most detoxification processes that are out there are aggressive and can tend to pull out toxins from our system in the form of Chelation, which can lead to dangerous side effects. Here at Clow Comprehensive Health Solutions, our process is more neutralizing. It serves to neutralize the body’s reaction to the bad toxins in our system from wanting to attach to cells. The body then can very easily remove the toxins safely without all the side effects. We do this in a safe and effective manner, and it is usually faster than the Chelation method that is common.

What Are Considered Toxins In The Body?

Toxins come in two forms. They either come from a by-product of our own metabolism or they come from the outside environment, such as from foods we eat, things we put on our skin, or even things we inhale. No surprise, drugs play a big part in the toxins that show up in our system. Aside from being, well toxic, toxins actually slow down and impede the healing process within our bodies. That’s not good. Our body is designed to heal itself, but it can’t do that when toxins are running wild.

Here at Clow Comprehensive Health Solutions, our goal is to remove these toxins and put your body in the position to do what it was designed to do. We want to see your body functioning at its highest level, and when it does that it can heal itself rather effectively from the inside out. Specifically, we stimulate the lymphatic system within your body including organs like the kidneys and the liver, which are responsible for toxin removal, and the results are truly amazing.

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