Chiropractic Physiotherapy

Bones simply do not move on their own. Maybe you’ve heard of the old myth that states that a bone can just “slip out of place” or that a nerve can “suddenly get pinched”. These are statements that simply aren’t true. Our body and its systems are much more complex than that. It takes a long time for a complex system like our body to change. Over that long period of time when bones do start to grind against each other or if nerves do get pinched because of misalignment, we feel pain. Sometimes mild, sometimes severe. The good news is, we can usually get you out of pain quickly, but to completely correct your issues, we need to look at all the moving parts (bones, muscles, and nerves).

What Causes Spinal Misalignments?

If bones or muscles are out of alignment, there must be some reason, a physical or emotional stressor causing them to move or nerves to become irritated. These stressors create a domino effect. When nerves become stressed, it causes a muscle to stress, which in turn causes bones to move. Eventually, over time, if you do not address these issues, the structures of the bone become arthritic and rigid, muscles begin to build protective scar tissues-which feels like a “knot” when you touch it, and most times, that area becomes numb even though the problem is still there.

How Do We Help?

Chiropractic Care
This allows us to get your joints and bones moving. Allowing for proper movement and energy to be pushed back into your system promotes healing, which your body was designed to do itself without interference. Our job is simply to remove that interference.


This allows us to loosen the muscles themselves so that the bones can actually move back into proper alignment and strengthen the muscles that are surrounding it. This brings more support where it’s needed most.


This technique is used in a conjunction with a lot of our therapies because it allows the muscles to relax, deep muscles to move and respond and allows for joints to move, and stay, in place.

Trigger Point Therapy

Muscles tend to become scarred over time creating the knot feeling you feel when you rub a tender spot. These are actually adhesions that prevent muscles from a full range of motion. The muscle needs to be properly elongated and stretched out so that the knot never returns.