Biologic Medicine

This form of medicine, along with functional, is the methodical method of finding the underlying causes of disease and illness in the body. On a deeper level, it is finding out which processes in our systems are not working properly or have completely stopped working. This, sadly, is not a quick fix. The therapies we use to help in this are nutrition, vitamins, homeopathy and advanced healing modalities. With these properly working together they are designed to get the body working efficiently, allowing it to heal as fast as possible.

How Do We Help?

The first and main thing we do in using biological medicine is the testing. At Clow Comprehensive Health Solutions, we have advanced labs, urinalysis and physical testing at our fingertips, and we use them for each patient when necessary. These comprehensive tests look for the following:

  • Organic toxins
  • Environmental toxins
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Inflammation (every single cell in the body)

After we have the results of your testing, Dr. Clow personally creates a custom care plan for you that can include some or all of the following modalities: Detoxification, Inflammation Control, and Immune System Regulation/Stimulation.

Give our team a call and we’d love to answer any questions about how we can help. (321) 323-7482