Research tells us that about 70% of our immune system functions are controlled and housed in our guts. Most chronic and serious diseases are caused by gut damage which leads to improper digestion. The good news is when these problems are diagnosed early enough, we can prevent more long-term serious damage, which is always our goal. We aim to create a healthy balance in every single patient who walks through our doors, and it doesn’t matter the condition, we will do a full evaluation and assessment to get to the root cause of the problem.

Our digestive system is directly linked to our central nervous system. Are you starting to see a trend here? Everything runs through the central nervous system, and many of the issues are due to nerve interference. This even includes digestion. If a person is not digesting their food properly, it will cause severe inflammation that will become systemic quickly and begin affecting the brain’s ability to communicate with the body.

Once that inflammation continues for an extended period of time, eventually, whole undigested foods will push through the stomach lining and this is what is referred to as Leaky Gut Syndrome. While this condition isn’t painful at first, it has become nothing short of an absolute epidemic amongst Americans.

How Do We Address Digestive Issues?

Here at Clow Comprehensive Health Solutions, we look at things from every angle. This is what separates us from typical healthcare providers. Our unique, holistic approach allows us to look at your body as a giant puzzle, and we look at every piece in order to see and understand the big picture. This makes our treatments that much more effective and our patients rave about the long-lasting results.

We start by performing a simple urinalysis test that will show signs if food is leaking through the stomach lining, and in most cases, how severe it is. Once that is diagnosed, repairing the gut is first and foremost in your treatment plan. This will involve finding out which food sensitivities you have and eliminating them from your diet. The final step in that is providing natural, holistic remedies to repair the lining, balance stomach acids and stimulate the digestive tract to replace the “good bacteria” that your stomach needs.