Thyroid Conditions

The function of the thyroid within the body is to regulate your hormones and manage your metabolism, so yes it has an important job. What happens exactly if things aren’t working properly? Unfortunately, there are a lot of side effects and conditions that result from a dysfunctional thyroid.

We are here to provide relief and pinpoint the cause of why this happens, so we can actually help fix the problem. Thyroid conditions can create real health problems for people and our goal is to eliminate the problem without medication and prevent it from happening again.

What Are Some Common Thyroid Conditions


When the thyroid is enlarged, it will overproduce hormones and speed up the body’s processes causing a myriad of symptoms and problems that include a rapid heartbeat, weight loss, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.


When the thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormone, this drastically slows down the body’s metabolism. The effects are nearly innumerable but include weight gain, fatigue, depression, and other serious complications.

Hashimoto’s Disease

This is a type of hypothyroidism and occurs when the thyroid gland is inflamed and is attacked by dysfunctional immune cells. It’s the most common thyroid condition and leads to underproduction of hormones.

Why continue to live with the symptoms of these conditions? We can help you find the underlying cause and put together a plan that will improve and even eliminate the problem without drugs or surgery.

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