Hawaiian Beets: A Dwight Schrute Favorite

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Famous words from the great Dwight Schrute, and we couldn't help but get in on the beet action. Eating healthy with proper nutrition is important and our goal is to be a resource for any person looking to better their eating lifestyle this new year. Our weight loss program is key to our efforts but an even yummier way is posting healthy recipes we come across. A unique find here lately is one that involves yummy beets, a Schrute staple. Served as a side-dish, this concoction may not be for everyone but the fun part is in the trying! One thing we noticed right away is the call for canned pineapple. We're opting for a fresh cut of pineapple because fresh is always better, but if canned is all you have then prepare on! It's low-cholesterol and is sure to bring a tropical smile to your face. Enjoy this special dish from our peeps over at www.geniuskitchen.com and happy cooking!  

Hawaiian Beets

Delicious beets can creatively be paired with many things. Put your cooking hat on!