The Ultimate Snack: Healthy Beet Chips

If you're a chip lover, you may have just hit the jackpot. The salty crunch of chips are so addictive it's nearly impossible to stop. With traditional potato chips being loaded with fats and oils, it's hard not to feel guilty every time we have a snack attack. Until NOW! We found a delicious low-fat alternative to our go-to crunchy companions. A salty snack that has us singing without all the guilt. Beet chips that aren't fried have completely changed our world! Our friends over at have completely outdone themselves, and we are spreading the word! You're not going to want to take our word for it. Trust. You're going to want to try these babies out for yourselves, and when you do then you can thank us. Crunch away, my friends!

Unfried Crispy Baked Beet Chips

Purple baked beet chips make a yummy snack or appetizer.